There are 6 rings available with different shanks, pearls and sizes. The price is per ring.
Descriptions of the rings from left to right:
1. Size: N ½, Weight: 5.7g, Crown - H:10mm, D:12mm
2. Size: M, Weight: 12.4g, Crown - H:13mm, D:15mm
3. Size: O, Weight: 13.5g, Crown - H:15mm, D:16mm
4. Size: N ½, Weight: 12.5g, Crown - H:12mm, D:15mm
5. Size: O, Weight: 8.3g, Crown - H:12mm, D:15mm
6. Size: N, Weight: 6.2g, Crown - H:10mm, D:13mm

Additional Instructions: Please specify which ring do you want at check-out, e.g. "ring number 3 from left to right"

Solid sterling silver acorn ring with a fresh water pearl

  • All my pieces are handmade at my workshop in Edinburgh with lots of love. They are unusual and will be a conversation started every time you wear them.

    The pieces come wrapped and in a beautiful gift box. You could also add a personalised message.

    If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them.